The regency of batu is famous as the destionatio of tourisme place, but also famous as the centre of the plantation and the agriculture, one of them is the plantation of apple. An apple can grow rapidly in main land of Malang sepecially ini regency of Batu and it is the primest comodity in sector of the plantation in regency of Batu. The price of the smallest size of an apple is very low and sometimes not sold out because of the size which is not in standart and it small, so often negleeted. But an apple can be made the subtance of drink, juice, or the crispy chips of apple.
The tool or this apple juice mechine is design with the big capacity which uses the blender system as refiner that works by knife which is moved by electrical engine that its energy is transmitedby electrical engine through a sach then turn the center, that its function is to turn tha knife so the refining happens and it produces apple juice.
Well for the capacity that is got from the calculation is 47 kg/hours with the length of the cutted knife 75 mm, the width of the cutted knife 50 mm, and the energy of the electrical engine 1,5 Hp, the rotation Rpm.
The key words: Apple juice machine, the blender system.


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mesin jus apel; Sistem Blender