Pengujian dan Pemasangan Tabung Tenaga untuk Efisiensi Bahan Bakar pada Sepeda Motor Jenis Suzuki Smash FD 110 cc



Hydrogen has great potential as a fuel and clean energy environment as a way to decrease dependence on imported energy sources. Logically hydrogen (H2) in its own easy to get the most out of the water. Given that water is a collection of compound between hydrogen and oxygen. I live two separate chemical elements and use for energy. electrolisys water is a process to produce hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen (O2) with the use of electric energy in the system. This process go more in the production of hydrogen gas (H2).
Tube of Labor (Power Tube) is a tool to decompose water with the flow direction pass through the water that has been in sulfat add a little acid as a catalyst for combustion.Using forwarded into manifold electric current to make a reaction redox called electrolisys
From the results of the test tube of the test motor with 50 ml stop premium obtained results as follows: in the round of 1500 Rpm motor efficiency value of 8.98 litre (26.39%), motor cycles at 2000 Rpm 2865 litre efficiency value (5.73%), motor cycles in 2500 rpm value 8.98 litre efficiency (17.96%). In the test motor running at speed of 50 km / h 19:27 litre efficiency value (38.54%), the speed of 40 km / hr value efesiensi11.91 litre (23.82%), the speed of 30 km / litre efeciency15.395 hour value (30.79%).


Keyword : Hidrogen; Elektrolisis; Tabung Tenaga (Power Tube); Efisiensi


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Hidrogen; Elektrolisis; Tabung Tenaga (Power Tube); Efisiensi