Bicycles for us is already very common. Development of the bicycle itself is more diverse dipasaran. Use of bicycles is also a lot, starting as a means of transport, sports, hobbies, recreation, and have also used for racing. Generally be based on the dimensions of a bicycle on the size of the wheels. Such as size 12 in, 14 in, 16 in, 18 in, 22 in, 24 in, and in 26. Generally, the most outstanding dipasaran is in size 26. Selection type of bicycle should be adjusted to your own needs, because the bike is outstanding dipasaran various types (
One of the tools used to put the bike on the car tray bicycle (bike rack). Besides can be used to store bicycles, can also be used to store goods. Tray bike is in place at the top of the car, and some are put on the back of the car. The average car under an 90-year there is no place sepedanya tray or bike (bike rack). Tray bicycle (bike rack) that have been on the market than the price of expensive terpaut also with the type of the car itself (, therefore, to overcome one of the problems on the need to design the tray bicycle (bike rack) that can be put on the roof (roof) car.
The stages in the design is to identify important issues from the list of requirements for menuntukan structure function, working principle and structure of work, a combination of concept and layout, evaluation of technical and economic criteria, the solution principle and image design as a result of the end of the tray design bicycle (bike rack).


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Tray; Sepeda; Rack Bike