Test equipment of shaft misalignment is used as the mechanical vibration of information to support the the students understanding of the topics provided. One important topic is the introduction to the vibration sources characteristics of the shaft rotation system. The main source of the vibration system is misalignment on the driver and the driven shaft. Introduction to discrete misalignment is very important, because the misalignment on the shaft connection(coupling), may cause vibration in the engine and can cause damage to the bearing or coupling a "premature", both from the machines and large machines which are small, and will also be used as data on the treatment system based vibration monitoring signal (predictive).
To display misalignment phenomena that occurs on shaft connection, then created a simple test equipment of shaft misalignment, portable, and easy in operation and support equipment that is not outrageously expensive, and are modular. Work system of the equipment is able to test that is designed shows characteristics of vibration signal that will be used as learning about advanced mechanical vibration and maintenance of engine as a monitoring signal that will be applied to the microhydro power (PLTMH) University Muhammadiyah of Malang..
Thus the test equipment can be obtained through shaft misalignment stages are carried out, among others, to identify the essential problems from the requirements list, to establish the function structure, search for working principle and structure of work, combination and concept layout, evaluation of technical and economic criteria, principles and solutionsand image design as a result of the end of the process of designing test equipment of shaft misalingment.


Keyword : alat demonstrasi/praktikum pengujian; misalignment; poros; getaran


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alat demonstrasi/praktikum pengujian; misalignment; poros; getaran