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Problem which is ordinary to be faced by farmers of chili after crop is copious of
him marketing chili, usually chili fruit price will become cheap, decline of price is till
reach level very not economic often have to be accepted by the farmer because don't have
other choice except have to sell as soon as him at the price of cheap. as for other way
which is common to be done by farmers of chili if chili go down is by doing the draining,
draining chili done to obviate chili from rot. Draining which is ordinary to be done by
farmers is that by putting to the sun of open place by exploiting the sunshine. Draining
with this sunshine can only be done at dry season, eat sufficient time and quality of
unfavorable him even also
From data to the needed by technological alternative precisely utilize to water
down farmers in drying chili, hence designed by the dryer machine chili As for the machine dryer of designed chili have measure: length of 2.504 m, wide 1.002 m, high 2.252 m as for materials the dried is big red pepper with total heating load 73,385 kW. Needed to time dry the materials of 1 hour once process.


Keyword : Pengering (dryer); Petani cabe; Cabe


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Pengering (dryer); Petani cabe; Cabe