Gyroscope is an instrument that is used to stabilize (stabilizer) or to detect rotate motion of moved object (for example, aeroplane). In present, there are two types of gyroscope; they are mechanical gyroscope and optical gyroscope. Mechanical gyroscope consists of a rotor that rotates on axis system and it is called as gimbal, (Dante Dinaga,1987), to regulate and to stabilize. The example is on the aeroplane ( (Note: moving gyroscope ignores friction force and mechanical loss because of rotation) (Brecho,2005).
Gyroscope is a solution that can be used to fullfil laboratorium tool need. In this case study of gyroscope designing. Education world should follow the development of human need today. It should be supported by facilities completeness, teaching method and academical study application on the environment.
From the problems and designing plot, the designing has dimension and measurement, characteristic and material that is used in building gyroscope. By using horizontal motor DC ωs by rotation 3000 rpm, voltage 12 volt, force110 watt and vertical motor DC ωp by rotation 25 rpm, force 110 watt, torsionmax 1,31Nm, by rotor (disc) by diameter 0,13 m, thickness 0,008 m, and mass 0,785 kg, capacity weight 2 kg, axis diameter 10 mm. From the result of deviation between Ttheoritical and Texperiment in percentage of result between 1,6% lowest result and 3% highest result, it can be said that it is sufficient


Keyword : motor DC; giroskop; torsi


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motor DC; giroskop; torsi