Energy crisis in Indonesia, especially electrical energy has forced many fields to find the solution in solving this problem. The popular one is the utilization of water and wind energy. The blowing wind in Indonesia, according to LAPAN, is variably and the average of its velocity is low (0 ? 5 m/s). In utilizing
this variably energy, there should be needed electrical machine (generator) that appropriate with the characteristics of its driver.
Electrical generator has been widely spread in the market (radial flux type), usually in the kind of high speed induction generator where in this type, it needs gearbox transmission to get high rotation and also needs initial electrical energy (excitation voltage) to make its magnetic field. While, in the utilization of wind is needed lowspeed generator and without initial electrical energy, because as usual, it is placed in the areas with elektrical current.
As the solution, in this research, there has been designed the
permanently magnetic generator with multi pole to replace the existence voltage by magnetic induction type axial flux that easy to manufacture. The axial generator can be driven by wind turbine and water turbine or other sources. Axial generator has two main parts, they are rotor and stator. Rotor consists of 8 poles of permanently magnet and stator in the form of 8 coils by 400 turns conductor in each coil. To increase the process of charging/discharging efficiency on accu, and timer by generator signal time. Schematic series of timer generator is modified
from switching controller series by John Bedini in 1984 by testing. Testing analysis shows that timer series by simpler generator frequency has better efficiency.
In rotor rotation of 375 rpm, unload axial generator testing has 15,44 VAC, 13,84 VDC withoud capacitor and 19,9 VDC by capacitor. On the accu load 12V 7,2 Ah there is current 0,11 amps 11,45 VDC. On the planned rotation velocity (375
rpm), the generator is able to charge accu. Switching controller design that is resulted here is able to increase the process efficiency of charging acuu up to 51,85 %. Bigger as much as 13,67 % from the efficiency on John Bedini?s series


Keyword : generator aksial; rotor; stator; magnet permanen; kecepatan putar rendah; switching controller


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generator aksial; rotor; stator; magnet permanen; kecepatan putar rendah; switching controller