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The research in this thesis done at Textile Company PT MERTEX MOJOKERTO, at By Pass Street Po Box 17 Lengkong village, Kecamatan Mojoanyar, Kabupaten Mojokerto by title Application of Marketing Strategy at PT Mermad Textile Mojokerto.
The objective of this research is know strenght and weakness or to know opportunity and threat exist at Textile Company PT MERTEX MOJOKERTO so that able to determine appropriate marketing strategy at the Textile Company PT MERTEX MOJOKERTO.
The analyzer EFAS (External Strategic Factory Analysys Summary) and IFAS (Internal Strategic Factor Analisys Summary) then entered in matrix SWOT to obtain and know what strategy that able to be operated in the company. By the result for external factor 2,65 and internal factor 2,7 that mean internal and external factor of company avarege than competitor company.
Base on research and study result can be concluded that company PT MERTEX MOJOKERTO need to add channel of distribution in the form of marketing agent and increases promotion activity and also company must be always adaptation with the external and internal invironment of company. Appropriate strategy with company PT MERTEX MOJOKERTO is market penetration strategy where this strategy related with product and market being to be served hopefully able to increase selling volume.


Keyword : Strategi Pemasaran, Volume Penjualan, Analisis EFAS & IFAS dan Matrik SWOT

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Strategi Pemasaran; Volume Penjualan; Analisis EFAS & IFAS dan Matrik SWOT