Ratna Dwi Octavina


The activity of giving credit is especial activity from a bank that it is giving credit is backbone activity of banking. Bank activity which many will interconnect sliver directly and or indirectly with activities of credit, because most of all activities of economics of society require bank with his credit facility. Business are activity which always deal with and risk of return. Bank Moslem law are one of business unit, thereby Moslem law bank also will face risk in his effort. Credit stuck is one of risk faced by bank in giving loan to debtors.
Credit analyses require to be conducted in each debtors candidate effort. Reason of the importance of analysis eligibility of credit is because relating to capital employed which often experience of problems. the Credit analysis meant the to credit giving reach target that is earning more directional, giving result and peaceful. One of credit analyzer the used is 6C which consist of character, capacity, capital, collateral, conditions, and compliance.
This research is descriptive research at Self-Supporting Bank Moslem law of ministrant branch of Pasuruan with title " Evaluation Giving Of Credit at Self-Supporting Bank Moslem Law of Ministrant Branch of Pasuruan". Target of this research is to know that most Self-Supporting Bank Moslem law debitors of ministrant branch of Competent Pasuruan, it is true given credit. Writer take hypothesis that is that most competent debitors,it is true given credit.
This research use technique intake of sampel which used in this research is by using sampling purposive that is intake of sampel pursuant to selected criterion so that obtained sampel the relevantness, so that the amount of sampel that is counted 15 obtained debitor people from 10% totalizing debitor that is 154 people.


Keyword : Kredit, Faktor 6C

Link Terkait : http://skripsi.umm.ac.id/files/disk1/310/jiptummpp-gdl-s1-2009-ratnadwioc-15477-1.+PENDA-N.pdf


Kredit; Faktor 6C