Research type which conduct is research of survey, where research of taken
research location that is in field of Futsal in Malang with title " Analysis Dimension Life
Style Student In Sport of Futsal in Malang". Target of this research is to know student life
style dimension in sport of Futsal in Malang. As for usefulness of research which wish to
be reached specially to company that is expected can be made as consideration base in
decision making in the field of marketing pass consumer life style. Analyzer which is
used in this research that is by using analysis of cluster.
Pursuant to result of solution and research which have been done by hence can
know by student life style dimension in sport of futsal in Malang able to be concluded
that at 1 cluster is in doing sport of futsal consider to regarding situation of economics,
existence of desire alone and give positive effect to body. At 2 cluster this responder
group always cope to keep in good health their body so that one of them that is by
following sport of futsal. At 3 cluster this in doing sport of futsal on the basis of desire
alone, and this responder group also have perception that sport type of futsal the can give
support of guarantee health of body or give effect which are positive to body.
Some suggestion which is raised in this research that is expected by organizer side
always cope to create the condition of really field can give guarantee of satisfaction all
consumer that is by using grass of sentetik best is and also supported with various other
facility for example room change adequately, peaceful loker and also provide canteen
facility at the price of which is reached. In stipulating of rent tariff expected can be
reached by ability of consumer is and also adapted for by usage of hour play at so that
can give amenity to consumer to use facility which on the market


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