MOTIF KONSUMEN DALAM PEMAKAIAN PEMUTIH POND'S (Studi pada mahasiswi Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang)

Hana Gamilia


The research was survey study to the female students from Faculty of Economy University of Muhammadiyah Malang titled ?Consumer motive in using Pond?s Whitening? (Hana Gamilia, 04610242)
The research aimed to find out consumer motive in using Pond?s whitening. Samples were female students from management department Faculty of Economy University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Samples used were 100 respondents. Sampling technique used accidental sampling. Data collection technique used questionnaire spread to the respondents.
Analytical tools used to find out the different between consumer motive in using Pond?s whitening was by using average pair-difference test.
Calculation with average pair-difference test was t count 14,444 with significance 0,05 larger than t table 1,984. It showed that there were differences in using Pond?s whitening. The result for rational motive in this research was 10,4117, while emotional motive was 7,3942. It means that rational motive motivated consumer more in using Pond?s whitening.
The result showed that rational motive which consisted of easy to get, durable, thrift, and low price factors motivated the consumer more than emotional motives which consisted of imitation, looking good, and social status.
From above decision, the writer implied that PT. Unilever Tbk as company produced Pond?s whitening should increase the rational motive variables, especially low price which had the higher percentage and also easy to get factor which had the lower percentage. Beside, emotional variable, especially social status which was the highest percentage, also imitation factor in the lowest percentage. For researcher with the same topic, there were several things to do for the optimal result, that was adding the amount of research variables.

Keyword : Motif Konsumen

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