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The type of this research is case study research at Ratu Supermarket Malang with title ?Waiting Line Analysis to Get the Optimize Rate Service of cashier at Ratu Supermarket Malang?.
A waiting line is a phenomenon that usually happen in almost firms or industry of service. A waiting line forms because of a temporary imbalance between the demand for service and the capacity of the system to provide the service. Company usually won?t lose the customers, so that company needs to increase their service by giving the service as fast as they can. To rich that purpose, waiting line theory can use to evaluating that problem and make some alternative solutions.
The purpose of this research is to analyzing the waiting line and to get the optimize number of cashier at Ratu Supermarket Malang in first and middle of the month. The day research period split in three time period, morning, afternoon, and evening research time.
The used analysis tool in the research is waiting line models. This model is used to know how much number of facilities (cashier) need to handle the arriving rate of customer at Ratu Supermarket Malang. There are some formula to to describe the operating characteristics of the service system in the waiting line model; average utilization of the system (ρ), probability that zero customers are in the system (Po), average number of customers in line (Lq), average waiting time of customers in line (Wq), average time spent in the system (Ws), average number of customers in the service system (Ls).
The result of this research shows that in the weekend afternoon at start of the month need a cashier additional from 9 to 10 cashiers. In the middle of the month, top-level of cashier used are 10 cashier in the sunday afternoon. Both in the normal day in the start of the month and weekend in the middle of the month need about 8 to 9 number of cashier. Last, in the normal day at the middle of the month only need 7 to 8 number of cashier.


Keyword : Teori Antrian, Tingkat Kedatangan, Tingkat Pelayanan

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Teori Antrian; Tingkat Kedatangan; Tingkat Pelayanan