This research was a case study at PG Kebon Agung company of Malang titled "Company Performance Analysis of PG Kebon Agung Malang?. The research aimed to find out PG Kebon Agung company performance. Hypothesis in this research stated that PG Kebon Agung Company was in health condition.
Analysis used in this research were four perspective in balanced scorecard consisted of financial, customer, internal business process, learning and developing. Measurement tool to state whether a company health or not was by using time series method, that was comparing ratios owed by the previous year?s ratio in serial way in the same company from 2005 to 2007.
Measurement which was done by financial perspectiva an?lisis showed that all performance indicador measurement were health. Internal business process perspective showed that most of performance measurement indicators were health. Learning and development perspective showed that most of performance measurement indicators were health. According to the measurement from the our perspective, fit with the measurement tools, there could be concluded that in general, PG Kebon Agung Malang was health. It means that hypothesis was accepted.
According to the conclusion, the writer implied it on several relate parties. For company management should be able to defend it; Malang residence government should able to state policy which was able to force sugar independency, especially in Malang through fund allocation for sugar cane garden areal and primary sugar cane seed, sugar cane farmer would be better to keep sugar cane distribution; the next researcher should be able to do better cooperation with the company management in applying indicators from four measurement since the company still haven?t applied the performance measurement by balanced scorecard which caused the result and supporting factor were still un-optimal.


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Balanced scorecard; kinerja perusahaan