The research type this conducted is to have the character of descriptively, that is one type research into conclusive owning target elaborate something, usually market function or characteristic. While method which used in this research is method of survey. Research conduct observation in collecting conducted data in Su-District of Kebonsari District of Purworejo Town of Pasuruan with title ?Analysis Perception Of Consumer About Value Product At Milk Pillow of Real Good (Survey In Town of Pasuruan).
This research target is to know perception of consumer concerning product value found on pillow milk of Real Good. As for usefulness of research which wish to be reached specially for company that is as consideration or input and also give information to develop the product of in the future. Analyzer used at this research is frequency distribution that is to get picture clearly how perception of consumer concerning product value at pillow milk of Real Good.
Pursuant to research result and solution by using anaylsis span scale hence can be pulled conclusion that perception of responder to pillow milk quality of Real Good enter in good category. Concerning perception of responder to functionalities at pillow milk of Real Good enter in good category. The result can prove that responder feel the product have given benefit which are positive for health. Concerning perception of responder to brand enter in good category. The fact can prove that brand give good impression of product quality which one the market. Perception of responder to tidiness of pillow milk of Real Good enter in the good category. Result analyze perception of responder to label enter in good category, thereby isn?t it that product which on the market have guarantee and really consumed competent. Perception of responder to supporter service enter in good category, the fact prove that company have given guarantee satisfaction of having taken steps purchasing of product.
Suggestion which raised in this research is expected for company continue to try to improve perception of good consumer, this matter is correct solution in the middle of the hoisterous of growth of milk industry in this time, especially for the variable of price, this matter because consumer pertained sensitive at the price of and also more improve ability of pillow milk product of Real Good, related to product quality and of functionalities drawing attention consumer at this product. This matter because ever greater of ability of product can fulfill quality expected by consumer hence perception of consumer will good progressively.


Keyword : analisis, persepsi, konsumen, nilai produk, susu

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analisis; persepsi; konsumen; nilai produk; susu