ANALISIS KEPUTUSAN STRUKTUR MODAL (Studi Pada Perusahaan Pertelevisian yang Tercatat di Bursa Efek Indonesia)

Alif Rohmanu


This research represent research of case study at company of television in Indonesia with title ? Analysis Decision Of Capital Structure (Case Study at Company enlist Television in Stock Exchange Of Indonesia BEI)?. Intention of this research is this to know the source of such expenditure to wear by company in decision of capital structure at PT Indosiar Karya Media, Tbk. dan PT Surya Citra Media, Tbk. if requiring additional fund. Analyzer use to know the source of such expenditure to wear by company with approach of EBIT-EPS.
Basically every company will have a purpose to maximize properties from owner of company, but for the maximization of that properties company have to deflect to take decisions which later can make company prosperous, that is by decision of invesment, decision of capital structure and monetary decision.
To increase EPS in managing the source of fund, usage of fund from outside company specially debt hence company require to consider risk faced to remember all important matter with its excelsior excelsior debt of possibility (bankruptcy probabilitas). Company have to be more beware of in determining alternative election of financing from outside the concerning amount of high debt, because with high debt will arise conflict between owner of debt with stockholder, because loss potency which because of debt will mount.


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Struktur modal