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The research was survey research titled: ?Motivation Influence to the Performance of PT. Pamolite Adhesive Industry Probolinggo Employee?. The research aimed to find out employee performance, to find motivation significant influence which consisted of the needs of existence, relatedness, and growth to the employee performance and also find out which variable influence most to the employee performance at PT. Pamolite Adhesive Industry Probolinggo.
Population in this research were all employee of PT. Pamolite Adhesive Industry Problinggo consisted of 121 people. Samples were taken using proportionate stratified random sampling. Analytic tool used in this research was scale rate test and multiple linear regression. Hypothesis test used were F test and t test.
Scale rate analysis showed that existence needs owed rate score 161 which lied in high valuation, relation needs owed average score 182, which lied on high valuation, and growth need owed average score 176,33 which lied in high valuation. So there could be concluded that total average of motivation variable at PT. Pamolite Adhesive Industry Probolinggo was in high valuation. Motivation influence to the performance showed by Fcount 30,877 so that in simultaneous way motivation factor had significant influence to the employee work performance. In partial, existence needs had tcount 3,792 which showed that existence needs had positive result in performance.
According to the multiple linear regression, there could be concluded that the biggest regression coefficient owed by existence variable 0,316, so that could be concluded that motivation variable which owed dominant influence to the employee performance was existence needs.


Keyword : Motivasi, kinerja, karyawan PT. PAI


Motivasi; kinerja; karyawan PT. PAI