Nindya Fatliasari


This research is a descriptive study at PR HF PRIMA Malang entitled ?The Application of Balanced Scorecard to Assess the Managerial Performance of PR HF PRIMA Malang?.
The objective of this study is to evaluate the performance of PR HF PRIMA Malang measured by Balanced Scorecard. The performance assessment of PR HF PRIMA Malang is conducted for the year of 2004, 2005, and 2006 by employing Balanced Scorecard. The data utilized for this evaluation are primary and secondary data. Primary data is the data generated from interviews while secondary data is the financial report data such as balance sheet, Lost-Profit report, and other data such as the customer and employee data.
In this research, the writer
Balanced Scorecard is one the performance evaluation methods which concerns about the financial and non-financial aspects. This method consists of four perspectives: the learning and growth process, internal business process, customer, and financial perspective. The analytic technique utilized to evaluate the firm performance is the Balanced Scorecard. For the perspective of learning and growth process, the indicators used are employee retention, employee training, and employee absenteeism. For the perspective of internal business process, the indicator employed is the MERR (Minimized Error Rate and Rework). The customer perspective uses Customer Core Measurement which comprises of Customer Retention, Customer Acquisition, Customer Complain, and Customer Value Proposition.
The analysis conducted shows that the firm performance is fairly good. From the perspective of learning and growth process and the internal business process, the firm shows a good performance. It can be observed from the Customer Retention and Customer Acquisition which tend to decline. Meanwhile, from the financial perspective, the firm shows a performance which is not so good. It can be seen from the credit value which belongs to not-healthy standard.
Based on the conclusion above, the writer advises that PR HF PRIMA Malang should employ Balanced Scorecard in evaluating its performance since the company can assess its performance from the financial and non-financial aspects, so that continues improvements can be done in order to achieve the firm?s vision and mission as well as to facilitate the management in constructing short-term and long-term programs.


Keyword : balanced scorecard, Managerial Performance


balanced scorecard, Managerial Performance