Ferry Ariza Pramudya


The research aimed to find out the accuracy of Honda AHASS Kharisma Motor Betek Malang location.
The research used was survey research in order to measure the accuracy of business location by calculate every aspect in business location. Data used was primary data which especially collected by interview and observation in business company including: company location, etc. While secondary data used was general description of the company, organization structure, etc. Data analysis technique used factor rating.
Research found that the location of Honda AHASS Kharisma Motor Betek Dealer was proper and right. The location close with consumer and market where there were so many motorcycle owner, especially from college student and general society, located in one of main line connected outside Malang city and center of Malang city. Factor rating analysis showed that there were three factor influenced the choice of Honda AHASS Kharisma Motor Betek dealer. They were workforce, consumer, and market, logistic transportation, neighborhood society and location characteristic. Customer and market factors placed first position in company consideration.
According to the research, suggestion given in considering location of Honda AHASS Kharisma Motor Betek Malang dealer was right and fit with various influenced factor. The next step would optimize the company operational. It should pay attention to the basic lay out of service store, where all service store should had consumer waiting room which had access to see their bike fixed, guest table, service (tune up & machine fix). Service area should be seen by the consumer in waiting room and people who passed in front of the service store since service store move in service, the store should focused all facility in the service store.


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evaluasi lokasi