Johan Badra Kasih


His research entitle the " Influence of Dimension of Service Quality To Satisfaction Customer Pure showroom PT Tower Metal Sidoarjo". Research Type used by survey. this Research target to know the variable of service quality covering Physical Evidence, Reliabilitas, Energy Listen carefully the, Guarantee, Empathy having an effect on by signifikan to satisfaction of customer to Pure PT Tower Metal Sidoarjo and to know the variable of service quality giving biggest contribution to satisfaction of customer to Pure PT Tower Metal of Sidoarjo. Research usefulness which wish reached specially for company that is upon which consideration in determining wisdom all about service quality in the future. By using inferential logistics analysis hence that there are 5 variable of service quality having influence signifikan to customer satisfaction, that is Variable of service quality consisted of the Direct Evidence, Mainstay, Energy Listen carefully the, Guarantee, Empathy have an effect on to satisfaction customer Pure PT Tower Metal of Sidoarjo. And from overall of inferential service quality variable that Mainstay variable represent the variable most dominant from variable. Some suggestion which can be raised in this research that is expected by Pure PT Tower Metal shall be more improve what have been especially in the case of mainstay so that company have to be more give the amenity and speed in giving service procedure and also according to promise with the customer with an eye to give the satisfaction to customer of Pure PT Tower Metal Sidoarjo.
By relate to some weakness in this research, need presumably to check the variable - other variable, influencing quality of company service Shall also pay attention to the dimension. Which like Guarantee, Empathy, Physical Evidence, and energy listen carefully by professional, for example giving guarantee of goods conversion which have been sent in a condition destroy, and or individually side the company always give the heartfelt service to all customer and also physical evidence which is in the form of competent sittingroom facility and also give the accuracy in serving customer. At least service felt by customer expected by according to Mission and company target in fulfilling satisfaction of customer.


Keyword : Kualitas Layanan, Kepuasan Pelanggan


Kualitas Layanan; Kepuasan Pelanggan