Department of Management, 2008

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Gadis Dewi Primandhasari


This research represent descriptive research at Bank Tabungan Negara ( Persero), with title " Analysis Level Health Of Bank From In Perpective is Capital at PT Bank Tabungan Negara ( Persero)". Intention of this research is to know monetary performance of Bank BTN from in perpective risk and capital faced by Bank BTN relate to capital.
Data analysis the used is capital ratio analysis which consist of CAR ( Capital Adequacy Ratio), Composition Capital, DER (Debt To Equity Ratio), DPR (Dividend of Payout Ratio) and risk faced to relate to formulated capital with standard of deviasi. This Capital ratio analysis is used to know level health of bank from in perpective capital. Result of calculation capital ratio analysis at CAR, Composition Capital, DER, DPR of high value, which this matter indicate that company can manage capital better, where mean of CAR during five year equal to 19,29%, Capital composition equal to 10,87, DER equal to 20,35, and DPR equal to 31,15%.
Standard value of deviasi which showing the level of risk faced to relate to capital is equal to 0,365 for the ratio of CAR, capital composition equal to 5,59, DER equal to 4,31, and for DPR equal to 5,33. This matter indicate that risk faced to relate to capital relative lower.
Accomplishment of capital from is internal of bank represent expectation every bank. Fufilled of capital from is internal, hence indicating that the the bank can grow and expand with strength alone. Therefore, bank capital have to be managed better. Excelsior accomplishment of reached capital by every bank will be ever greater of level health of bank.
Pursuant to breakdown of above can be concluded that monetary performance Bank of BTN from in perpective is capital at period 2003-2007 quarterlyly healthy in a condition. At risk faced is interconnected of capital each capital ratio relative lower.


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