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This research entitle " Analysis Dimensions Life Style Consumer Of Motorbike of Yamaha Mio. ( Miftahul Huda, RD. Jatmiko, Rahmad Wijaya).
Target of research is to know life style dimensions consumer of motorbike of Yamaha Mio. Responder in research is University Student of Muhmmadiyah Unlucky with amount of responder 100. Analyzer which used in this research is cluter analysis. Result of research found as : Cluster 1, representing group which in using motorbike of Yamaha Mio have interest utilize to informations concerning motorbike of Yamaha Mio. The mentioned indicate that life style type this group is hedonis, that is group having enthusiasm to enjoyment of life, and to getting him, beforehand they look for informations related to its desire.
Cluster 2, representing responder group which always cope to facilitate all activity the including in it activity in having the day off and go to look on entertainment amusement, as well as hankering to follow community and modify motorbike of Yamaha Mio. They also have a notion that motorbike machine of Yamaha taft Mio, amenity to get them and access also berpedapat that motorbike fuel of Yamaha Extravagant Mio. This Group represent responder owning opinion that motorbike of Yamaha Mio have the quality of good and they also the included in life style type of hura-hura with that this group prefer easiness obtained in using motorbike of Yamaha Mio. Cluster 3, representing segment or group which tend to only using motorbike of Yamaha Mio as a means of transportation to facilitate to go to campus. Their opinion to motorbike of Yamaha Mio ridden easy and interesting bodi desain so that chosen to use motorbike of Yamaha Mio. This Group have activities which is not solid, thereby this group enter in life style type most, representing group at most met.


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