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Research type is research of eksplansi, researcher observation with collecting data at PT. Malang Intermedia Mass media of Jl Arjuna No 23 Worse luck with research title that is " Analysis Influence Of Competence Human Resource To Performance Employees of PT. Malang Intermedia media pers"
Target of this first research to know employees competence of PT. Malang Intermedia media pers. Second to know employees performance of PT. Malang Intermedia media pers. Third, to analyse how far influence of competence of skill and of knowledge, role social employees to employees performance of PT. Malang Intermedia media pers. Fourth, identifying and analysing dominant variable variable which influence performance. As for usefulness of research which wish to be reached specially to company as information input to company in improving human resource interest and performance and can be used for the development of company.
Analyzer which this research is using spanning and scale of regresi doubled linear. Pursuant to result of analysis span scale hence know that employees competence at PT. Malang Intermedia media pers enter in enough competence while employees performance enter in high. Result of test of F can be concluded that variable of competence human resource covering skill, and knowlege of role social together have influence is significant to employees performance of PT. Malang Intermedia media pers. pursuant to result of test of t can be proved that by persial there are influence is significant human resource is skill, knowledge, role social to employees performance of PT. Malang Intermedia Pers. pursuant to variable regresi koefesian can prove that variable of human resource being in the case of skill have influence is dominant to employees performance of PT. Malang Intermedia media pers.
Pursuant to conclusion of ari result of research, hence raised some suggestion that is In order to performance all employees expected in process employees selection precisely according to procedure which have been specified. To be expected company management always try to improve ability had by employees in effort the performance all employees. Real step able to be done by company that is passing execution of training program to all periode employees both for conducted by company and also outside company environment. Expected company can become mediator in taking care of is harmonious of good relation between employees and also with company, the effort conducted in order to creating the condition of really supporting activity of activity employe in company so that all employees can work maximally.

Keyword : Kompetensi, Skill, Knowledge, Sosial Role, Kinerja

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Kompetensi; Skill; Knowledge; Sosial Role; Kinerja