ANALISIS EFEKTIFITAS IKLAN TELEVISI EXTRA JOSS VERSI "GROUP BAND UNGU" (Studi Pada Mahasiswa Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang)



The research used survey method with descriptive characteristic to Faculty of Economic University of Muhammadiyah Malang students titled ?Analysis of Extra Joss ? Ungu Group Band Version Television Commercial Effectiveness?
The research aimed to analyze the effectiveness of Extra Joss ? Ungu Group Band version television commercial from attention, understanding, cognitive respond, affective respond and attitude to the commercial dimensions. This research describe about five dimensions of direct rating method (DRM) consisted of attention, understanding, cognitive respond, affective respond and attitude to the commercial. Direct Rating method used to evaluate the strength of commercial related with the commercial?s ability to get attention, how the commercial should be read, how the commercial could be understood, the ability of the commercial to touch our feling and the commercial?s ability to influence attitude. In this method, higherthe rating, more effective the commercial.
Analytical tool used in this research was simple tabulation analysis, average score, and scale distance. Each DRM dimensions analyzed separately by using average score method which would be entered into decision position scale from the most ineffective to the most effective.
From the research, there found that Extra Joss ? Ungu Group Band version commercial, attention dimension considered effective with 3.81 value, understanding considered effective with average score 3.73, cognitive respond dimension stated effective with average score 3.78, affective respond dimension considered effective with 3.83 value and the attitude to commercial was effective with average score 3.75. In general, the DRM total dimension was 3.78. According to the result, there could be said that Extra Joss ? Ungu Band version commercial from DRM dimension perspective was effective.

Keyword : Analisis, Efektivitas, Iklan Televisi

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Analisis; Efektivitas; Iklan Televisi