Department of Management, 2008

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Naning Yuanita


Used research is case study where in gathering and analyse data done by conducting perception directly to research object for the purpose of obtaining complete boldness and data that is at some hotel have star ( Arumdalu, Asida, Grand Palm, Palemsari, Selecta, victory, Wijaya Inn). As for this research title is " Influence Of Internal Environment To Strategy Operate For At Hotel have Star In Town of Batu-Malang".
Target of this research to know internal environmental influence to strategy operate for hotel have star in Stone town and to know internal environmental factor which most having an in with strategy operate for hotel have star to exist in tone town. Usefulness of research which wish to be reached specially to hotel party can be made by consideration and input in determining policy of company, good to a period of now or a period of to come.
Pursuant to result of solution and research by using analysis of regresi doubled linear which have been conducted by hence can be pulled that internal environmental factor which cover human resource, cultural of oraganisasi, location, observation system and facility have an effect on by signifikan to strategy operate for hotel have star in Town of Batu-Malang. Pursuant to result of coefficient of regresi the each internal environmental variable which cover human resource variable, cultural organization, location, observation system and facility hence can know that human resource variable have dominant influence to strategy operate for hotel have star in Town of Batu-Malang.
Suggestion able to be raised from this research that is expected company party always pay attention of condition and evaluate of performance which have been reached all employees in working company, the step conducted in order to giving certainty that employees have ability which relied on in working company. Company party expected to give training forms both for conducted in company and also outside company in order to peningkatkan of membership and ability on the chance of can run specified strategy company. In order to creating loyalitas work employees expected company side besides paying attention the condition of activity which there are company, expected also pay attention the condition of economics ofis each employees so that the each employees feel the existence of guarantee economical of x'self and also its family. Expected company also pay attention the condition of activity facility which there are company, so that employees can work betterly through support given by company in this case guarantee of given activity facility security or quality.


Keyword : Lingkungan Internal dan Strategi Operasi

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