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The research titled: ?Relation of Employee?s Training and Performance at PT. BPR Hamindo Natamakmur Pare?. PT. BPR Hamindo Natamakmur Pare is a company moved in banking and financial, owed a huge contribution in micro, small, and medium business. BPR Hamindo Natamakmur believed that training could increase ability, knowledge, and the skill of worker and employee?s professionalism, so that they tried to give the best service to the customer. The research aimed to find out the application of training, in order to find out employee?s performance and to find out whether employee?s training and performance at PT. BPR Hamindo Natamakmur Pare have significant relation. There were several benefit of the research. They were: the research useful for the company for consideration in taking company?s policy in the next future. For other parties, it could be used as comparison study and further discussion for whom wanted to learn about employee training and performance. In the research, the writer took one hypothesis. There guessed that employee training and performance at PT. BPR Hamindo Natamakmur Pare had significant relation. Analytical tool used were scale rate, Pearson Correlation product moment, and T-test. The respondent?s answer or score in marketing department of the training found total score 100 located at good criteria, while in employee performance, there found 101 score located in high criteria. In calculation with Pearson correlation product moment, there found correlation value 0,829 or 82,9% means that employee training variable and performance variable at PT. BPR Hamindo Natamakmur Pare had significant relation, 82,9%, while rest of them 17,1% related with another variables which were not researched in this study. According to the conclusion, the writer implied that the company was succeed in doing training. But in order to be optimum, the company should pay attention about time and material, fitted with needs, so that the training would be focused on target and didn?t disturbed the training participants? works.


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Pelatihan; Kinerja