PENGARUH LOKASI USAHA TERHADAP PENJUALAN (Studi Survey Pada Pedagang Eceran Toko di Pasar Tradisional Pasirian Kabupaten Lumajang)

Andreas Kurniawan


The research took the title ?The Effect of Business Place Toward Sales (Survey Study at The Retailer in Pasirian Traditional Market Lumajang Regency)?. The objective of this research is to find out the effect between business place with sales realization and also to find out which business place variable had significant affected toward sales realization.
The research took research location in the Pasirian Traditional Market Lumajang Regency had retail shop in the Pasirian Market. The Sample Making Technique was conducted using sampling random designed method with a number of sample 49 person from total population 94 person.
Variable was researched including independent variable with four variables as follows; variable of easy of business place (X1), variable of situation of business place (X2), variable of cost of business place (X3) and variable of competition (X4). Whereas dependent variable is sales realization (Y).
Data analysis used in this research was doubled linear regression analysis based on processing result in SPSS version 10.0 for Windows at computer assistant and analysis was conducted can be evidenced by independent variable that were easy of business place (X1), situation of business place (X2), cost of business place (X3) and variable of competition (X4) as together have strong relation with dependent variable of sales realization with correlation coefficient 0,865 with F significant level less than 5%. For the doubled linear regression analysis indicated that there was significant effect between independent variable and dependent variable with adjusted value R2 as 0,724 means sales realization of dependent variable was affected as 72,4% simulataneously by fourth of independent variable at the research. Whereas first variable that was business place (X1) proofed as partial test (t) represents variable that has dominant effect toward sales realization with regression coefficient 0,220 and t count 3,590.


Keyword : lokasi usaha (kemudahan lokasi, situasi lokasi, biaya lokasi dan persaingan)

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lokasi usaha (kemudahan lokasi; situasi lokasi; biaya lokasi dan persaingan)