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The research was a case study at telecommunication company titled:
?Evaluation of Financial Performance to the Telecomunication sector company?. The
research aimed to find out how the financial performance of telecommunication
company also to find out the higher additional economic value company higher
between two telecommunication company, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia and PT.
Telekomunikasi Indonesia and PT. Indosat 2005-2007 period, using EVA method.
According to the research and discussion, there could be concluded that
financial performance of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia in 2005-2007 period was
health (giving additional economic value). While PT. Indosat in 2005-2006 period
was health (giving additional economic value). PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia gave
higher additional economic value than Indosat.
According to above conclusion, the writer could imply: First, for
Telekomunikasi Indonesia company and Indosat company, the company were hoped
to decrease outside debt so that the capital cost didn?t get high or manager monitored
and defend the existing capital structure, since it would be influenced the capital cost.
So that in the next year, the company financial performance would be better and
increase year to year, so that the company could do investment as they planned.
Second, for the investor, in investing should find out the company financial
performance through EVA method. So that they could find the companies which
owed higher economic value added. Third, for the next researcher. The result could
be reference, especially for the similar research. The researcher should pay more
attention to the capital cost in EVA concept, whether in the same object or difference,
especially in debt cost calculation before tax in obligation equation.


Keyword : Kinerja Keuangan, Biaya Modal dan Economic Value Added

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Kinerja Keuangan; Biaya Modal dan Economic Value Added