ANALISIS KEPUASAN PASIEN ATAS KUALITAS PELAYANAN RUMAH SAKIT (Study Pada Rumah Sakit Daerah Dr. Iskak Kabupaten Tulungagung)



This watchfulness aim is that is to detects patient satisfaction on region hospital service quality dr. regency isaac Tulungagung. data analyzer that used that is customer satisfaction index (customer satisfaction indexs).
Based on customer satisfaction index calculation result (customer satisfaction indexs) that is with do comparison between performance that feeled (perceived performance) and hope (expectations) by patient on hospital quality dr. regency isaac Tulungagung that given so patient satisfaction level. respondent conception towards service quality especially hit variable tangibles or direct proof, where patients that felt very satisfied as much as 58 respondents, felt satisfied as much as 20 respondents and patients that felt not satisfied that is as much as 22 patients. hit variable reliability/ reliability knowable that patient that felts very satisfied that is as much as 53 patients, as much as 23 patients felts satisfied while as much as 24 patients felt not satisfied. satisfaction level patients hits variable responsiveness/ power, where be elaborated that as much as 59 respondents felt very satisfied, as much as 21 respondents felts satisfied and 20 respondents felts not satisfied on service that given in this case hit variable responsiveness/ power. conception patients towards variable assurance/ guarantee knowable that as much as 16 patients felt very satisfied, as much as 12 patients felts satisfied while as much as 72 patients felt not satisfied. performance can prove that a large part patients felt not satisfied on doctor precision in disease, recipe maker precision that done by doctor, completion medical device that is used to diagnose disease, doctor accuracy in diagnose disease and ability doctors so that doesn't happen mal practice. conception patients hit variable attention knowable that as much as 11 patients felt very satisfied, as much as 11 patients felts satisfied and as much as 78 patients felts not satisfied on service hits variable attention.
Based on conclusion from watchfulness result that done so submitted several suggestions that is supposed hospital side dr. regency isaac Tulungagung to be more pay attention on precision doctors to do disease diagnosis, to repair on system and service procedure that given to patient, the mentioned is done in effort to give guarantee towards satisfaction patients on service that given. wisdom done because during the time patients felts not satisfied on service quality that given related to service that give by employee. in order to for control on quality that given so supposed supposed hospital management side to has prepared suggestion box on service that given.


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