PENGARUH STOCK SPLIT TERHADAP LIKUIDITAS DAN RETURN SAHAM (Studi Pada Perusahaan Yang Tercatat Di Bursa Efek Indonesia Periode November 2006-November 2008)

Silvia Diah Puspitasari


In this research writers focus for want to know about stock split effect for
liquidity and return stock. Stock that choose by the writers is stock that active in a
market, a company that just do stock split activity in the years and specially stock
split ? up. Data that use in stock is a data that registered in Indonesian stock
exchange period November 2006 until November 2008. Because of that, the title that
the waiters use is ? Stock Split Effect Of Liquidity And Return Stock (Study At
Company That Registered In Indonesian Stock Exchange Period November 2006-
November 2008) ?.
Indonesian market stock at November 2006 and 2007 give information about
market activity stock is a good with increasing IHSG is significant and sustainable at
the last year 2005. But, in opening January 2008 in daily ECONIT economic outlook
2008 said, the years in 2008 is the year of bubble cause increasing stock price more
than fundamental activity. This is may be also cause of resesy in America more in
creasing and at October 2008 is highly point economic resesy or crisis global.
In this research, writers take two hypothesis , that is: one, stock split effect of
liquidity and stock split of return stock. The analysis tool is use event study with t-test
from period before and after event stock split.
For all, from this research about stock split effect of liquidity and return
stock with two hypothesis ( 1 H and 2 H ) is a accept. So stock split is significant with
liquidity from TVA (Total Value Activity) and stock split is significant with return
stock from AR (Abnormal Return) before and after stock split. In this research is use
three portfolio, the portfolio is: portfolio all of the samples, portfolio sample stock the
join with LQ 45 and portfolio sample not join with LQ 45.


Keyword : stock split, likuiditas, return, studi peristiwa

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stock split; likuiditas; return; studi peristiwa