Human labour use effectively and directional be key towards employee labour capacity enhanced. to that's wanted a organization leadership policy in effort moves, invite and aim labour. so that want to work voluminouser as according to plan that appointed that policy by gives push or correct motivation to labour or employee besides bouncy good itself employee responsibility and enthusiastic again so that will beneficial organization and can to compete with organization other of a kind.
This watchfulness aim is that is to detects motivational level, employee labour capacity in KUD BATU, to will detect work motivation influence that consist of push physiological need, push security need, push social need, push appreciation need, and push self actualization need towards employee work accomplishment in KUD BATU and to detect where influentialer towards accomplishment employee work in KUD BATU. data analyzer that used that is doubled linear regression by using test f and test t.
From scale distance analysis result will show employee work motivation that cover push physiological need, security need and welfare, social need, appreciation need and self actualization need enters in tall category. analysis result knowable that employee labour capacity that covers ability finishes all jobs that be responsibility as according to target that determined. based on test result f knowable that simultaneously motivation variable that cover push physiological need, security need, social need, appreciation need, and has influence significant towards employee labour capacity in KUD BATU. based on regression coefficient each variable so can be elaborated as follows: push variable physiological need (x1) that is as big as 0,414, pushes security need (x2) as big as 0,218, push variables social need (x3) that is as big as 0,187, pushes appreciation need (x4) as big as 0,293 and push self actualization need (x5) that is as big as 0,157. will so thereby inferential that push variable physiological need has influence biggest towards employee labour capacity in KUD BATU will be compared with other variable.
Suggestion that submitted in this watchfulness that is supposed companies to give proper salary and on time to employees so that can fulfil all physiological need that is main need or most mendasar that cover food need, clothing and board need and always appreciate existence that employees at companies with creat harmonic work atmosphere delivers employee.


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motivasi dan prestasi kerja