ANALISIS EKUITAS MEREK PADA PRODUK MEREK INDOMIE (Survei Pada Konsumen Mie Instan Merek Indomie di Kota Malang)

Septania Ratna Juwita


The research was a descriptive research with survey method. The research titled: ?Analysis of Brand Equity to the Brand Product of Indomie (Survey to the consumer of Indomie Brand Instant Noodle at Malang City)?
The research aimed to find out the consciousness level of Indomie brand instant noodle which owed by consumer, find out what attributes of Indomie brand instant noodle which associated with the consumer so it build the brand image, and find out the loyalty level of Indomie brand Indstant noodle owed by the consumer.
Analysis method used to analyzed all brand equity, like frequency tabulation and cochran test. Frequency tabulation used for no. 1, 2, and 4 statement of problems. In order to find out the brand consciousnees, quality perception, and consumer loyalty level. Cochran test is used for no.3 statement of problem, to test relation significance from all association of Indomie instant noodle.
From the result, there found that top of mind Indomie brand instant noodle, there was 146 or 73% of the total respondents, quality perception variables showed that Indomie brand was a quality instant noodle which showed great taste, nice aroma, and composition which fit with the taste, but lack quality of noodle, and for loyalty variable, it showed that most of the respondents were consumer who entered in likes brand level. The cochran test showed that association created brand image were product attribute in words, product attribute in package, and price fit with the quality.


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