Middle and small industrial sector like most experience in developed countries have big opportunity as economics backbone sector, and experience growth which hardly quickly by using technology which progressively going forward and sophisticated. In the effort this increasing of small industrial sector productivity hence required by is efforts for the agenda of supporting the growth. The mentioned considering that this sector have very big role in economics an nation.
Purpose of research is to know profile UD. Jati Makmur Nganjuk and know marketing strategy at UD. Jati Makmur Nganjuk. Knowable internal environment analysis result becoming becoming strength is product composition, endurance ( a period ), agent, do visit of direct to shop/ booth, follow exhibition and do activity equal to shop. While becoming weakness that is internal environment and transportation having neutral influence that is concerning guarantee to quality of product sell pricing and product raw material. External environment analysis result can expressed that factor which is opportunity is degradation of inflation rate, increasing of earnings per capita public, growth of economics, counselling from government specially on duty industrial and commerce of sub-province Nganjuk, give of soft credit, give amenity of effort permission, existence of aid take part in in exhibition, improvement of amount of residents and technological. While which is threat is from competitor.
Based on analysis result of area of eskternal and internal hence UD. Jati Makmur face big market opportunity, but on the other hand company face some internal weakness or constraints. Main constraint in the internal factor that is concerning transportation. This corporate strategy focus is minimization or improve;repair to masalah-masalah is internal of company hence company can do minimization to internal weaknesss of companies, causing can grab better market opportunity that is by doing addition of supporting facilities for transportation as supporter of activity of product distribution.


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strategi pemasaran