ANALISIS ELEMENELEMEN EKUITAS MEREK KARTU SELULER IM3 ( Studi pada SiswaSiswi SMA Negeri 3 Malang Pelanggan Kartu Seluler IM3 )

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The research titled: ?Elements Brand Equity Analysis of IM3 Cellular Card (Study at SMA Negeri 3 Malang Students who are IM3 Cellular Card Customer)?.
The research aimed to find out the awareness of IM3 Cellular Card usage by consumer, find out the quality perception of IM3 Cellular Card, find out what attributes of IM3 Cellular Card which was associated with consumer and creating brand image, also find out the loyalty of IM3 Cellular Card owed by consumers.
Analysis method used to test all elements of brand equity were frequency tabulation, diagram analysis I-P, cochran test and scale analysis. Frequency was used in 1st statement of problem, to find out brand awareness level. I-P diagram analysis was used in 2nd statement of problem, to find out quality perception. Cochran test was used in 3rd statement of problem, relation significancy of all association from IM3 Cellular Card and scale analysis for the consumer loyalty level.
From the result there found that top of mind of IM3 Cellular Card was 80 or 80% from total respondents amount, quality perception variable showed that IM3 card was cellular card which owed cheap SMS tariff, SMS bonus, Indosat strong signal, and 24 hours customer service grouped in A quadrant which mean that all the cellular card customer should pay attention to the customer satisfaction. Cochran test found that association formed IM3 cellular card brand image was product attribute in cheap SMS, green packaging, and CE-ES program.brand loyalty variable showed that most of IM3 respondents was consumer in habitual consumer level.


Keyword : ekuitas merek, kartu seluler IM3

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ekuitas merek; kartu seluler IM3