ANALISIS BRAND EQUITY (EKUITAS MEREK) LAPTOP MEREK ACER (Studi pada Mahasiswa Jurusan Teknik Informatika Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang)

Hardi Susanto


This Research entitle the " Analysis of Brand Equity ( Ekuitas Brand) Laptop Acer With The Study at Student of Majors Technique Unlucky Informatika University of Muhammadiyah Malang". This Research aim to to know how ekuitas of brand laptop Acer seenly from the aspect of look into the student of majors of technique Informatika University of Muhammadiyah Malang, by using variable of Brand Awareness, Brand Association, Brand Loyalty, and Perceived Quality as variable from Brand Equity.
Analysis Method used in this research is; to analyse the variable of Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty, and Perveiced Quality, used Tabulation of frequency with calculating frequency of responder answer; while to analyse the Brand Association used Test Cochran to look for the association which signifikan to be used in defining Laptop of Brand Acer .
Result of each analysis show the Laptop of Brand Acer have the high ekuitas. For the indicator of highest top of mind if compared to the a other brand. From calculation at tables to analyse the knowable Loyalitas Brand that responder seriously take a fancy to the laptop of brand Acer and suggest the others to buy the product of laptop of brand Acer of besides responder also express to lick lips to buy the product of laptop of brand Acer though have to learn to operate again, so that position of level of Loyalitas Brand is Commited Buyer. Analyse the Perceived Quality indicate that the easy laptop brand Acer in operating, owning consistent performance though within old ones, owning high battery resilience and available of aksesoris. Result of Association analysis to laptop Acer indicate that the picture of logo of brand Acer, brand Acer with quality, desain, and newest output type from brand Acer which quickly by signifikan in forming brand image to the product of laptop of brand Acer.
From the analysis result, can be suggested that a Company remain to take care of the quality of product on the chance of brand remain to be recognized by consumer, taking care of loyalitas consumer and pric to sell the product which vary.


Keyword : Brand Equity ( Ekuitas Merek ), Acer

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Brand Equity ( Ekuitas Merek ); Acer