ANALISIS PERSEPSI NILAI PRODUK SEPEDA MOTOR YAMAHA MIO (Studi pada Konsumen dealer Sepeda Motor "Yamaha Bululawang Motor")



The research with the title Analisis Persepsi Nilai Produk Sepeda Motor Yamaha Mio (Study Pada Konsumen Dealer Sepeda Motor ?Yamaha Bululawang Motor?) it was don at Bululawang village, Malang.
This reserch was done to analyze costumers perception toward value consist in Yamaha Mio product. Analysis tool used in this reserch was frequency distribution analysis and distance scala.
Based on analysis result product quality (X1) got good perception by costumers, price variabel (X2) got very good perception by respondents Emotiolal variabel (X3) god very good enjoyment variabel (X4) god very good perception.
Based on the result above, to be expected specially for producer of Yamaha Mio motor cycles perception, it is right solution in the middle of the term of motor cycle industry development right now, specially for price variable, because the costumers are sensitive about price.
It was expcted for Yamaha Mio motor cycles produser can in creace ability yamaha mio motor cycle product, because more and more big product ability can fulfil the quality and axpected by the costumers so that costumers perceptions get better


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