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This Research represent study at On Duty Public Work Of Area Hygiene of Sub-Province of Magetan with title " Influence Of Style Leadership To Performance Employees". Target of this research is to know how leadership style and hygiene area employees performance and do leadership style have an effect on to employees performance.
Analyzer used to know influence of leadership style to hygiene area employees performance use technically of analysis span analysis and scale of regresion linear modestly. Research Obyek the used is hygiene area employees and head in On duty public work of Area Hygiene Of Sub-Province of Magetan. Technics of data collecting by disseminating questioner at entire/all hygiene area employees. While to know signifikan or do not it him leadership style variable and employees performance use test t. In this research of writer use one hypothesis that is anticipated by leadership style have an effect on to employees performance.
Result of analysis span scale indicate that leadership style variable reside in at scale which tend to to use democratic leadership style, where obtained by mean score 97 and employees performance variable obtained by mean score 115,33 at high assessment scale. Result of coefficient of regresion equal to 0,969. result of coefficient of determinant equal to 0,558 or 55,8% and the rest 44,2%diperoleh from other variable. From result of analysis of regresion linear is modestly obtained by value of t count/calculate equal to 7,278 bigger than t ofis tables of that is equal to 2,018
Thereby can be concluded that applied leadership style have good and employees performance have is high. Than result of this research is expected by institution party/ side remain to maintain element and system of applied leadership style during the time, [the] mentioned done/conducted so that/ to be can improve employees performance.


Keyword : Gaya Kepemimpinan, Kinerja Karyawan

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Gaya Kepemimpinan; Kinerja Karyawan