Marketing strategy covers action chooses and analyze a target market (target market) that be people who group wants reached by organization or company concerned and efforts to creat and defend a hotchpotch or marketing ingredients (marketing mix) in the form of product, promotion, distribution, and correct price that fulfil ones need.
This watchfulness aim formulates appropriate marketing strategy for industrial knows delicious essence ?poo? kediri. watchfulness use for company, this watchfulness is supposed can give contribution in company, that is shaped strategy alternative analysis result marketing strategy applications, bew business opportunity identification, environment monitoring companies, with observation and strategic performance evaluation.
External environment analysis result can be declared that factor that be opportunity inflation rate depreciation, income enhanced per capita society, economy growth, economy growth, elucidation from government especially industrial official and city trade kediri, training packaging or packaging, helped in trademark enrollment, aid existence pengikutsertaan in exhibition, existence uu no. 5 year 1984 and perda no. 2 year 2001, citizen total enhanced and technology. while that be threat threat from competitor.
Internal environment analysis result knowable that is that be strength product brand, menycount/ discount, periklanan, do direct visit, follow exhibition and do cooperation with store. while that be weakness agency and transportation. based on analysis result eskternal and internal so strategy formulation that applicable that is hit extension or market development that is with mempertaha on product quality, pricing that can compete, product promotion activity increase and agency total increase with transportation tool increase so that can support on product distributing execution. based on observation that done, so author gives several suggestions among others: should company always out for increase quality and product quality on the market. because this time many is springing up to company competitor that has quality and taste more, if can that thing be defended and how does the good if can company to want new product increase so that can give tender more many to consumer. supposed in pricing sells product companies to do change or price depreciation so that can compete with company of a kind. besides company supposed do discount or discount for relative purchasing many.


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