ANALISIS PERSEPSI KONSUMEN TERHADAP AYAM BAKAR WONG SOLO (Survei pada konsumen rumah makan Ayam Bakar Wong Solo cabang Malang)

Apriliani Kartika Setiowati


This experiment is descriptive experiment with objective to discover consumer?s perception toward Ayam Bakar Wong Solo viewed from product and price. To measure this perception toward the product, variable used are product quality, feature, style and design, package brand, label, and support service.
Analysis instrument used in this experiment is descriptive analysis. Primary data for consumer perception is collected by spreading questionnaire to consumer of Ayam Bakar Wong Solo Malang branch. Sample used in this experiment is 112 respondents with judgmental sampling technique. Judgment used in this experiment is respondent age more than 16 years old.
Based on the experiment result, it shows that fast service indicator and attractive plates is in neutral assessment range. This has shown us that both indicators have less positive response from respondent. Therefore, as suggestion for Ayam Bakar Wong Solo, it may be necessary to present better service and design the product package more attractive.


Keyword : Persepsi, Produk dan Harga

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Persepsi; Produk dan Harga