The type of analysis is a survey, in which researchers conduct research in data collection conducted in NURJADI Florist located in Orchard Sempu RT 02/RW 2001 Village Gadingkulon Malang Regency with the title of the study are:? Analysis of Factors Considered Pepino To Eat Fruit?
The purpose of this study is to determine the factors that consumers consider Pepino fruit and to identify the dominant factors that consumers consider Pepino fruit. Analysis tools used in this research that uses factor analysis.
Based on the research and discussions that have been done then it can be concluded that factor analysis has been done, it can be produced five factors that are considered core consumer to consume the fruit Pepino. The first factor is related to the main products include body endurance, prevents amenia and purify the blood. The second factor is related to generic products, including skin health, reduce the risk of high blood pressure, protect from the cold, to prevent thrush and regulator of water balance. The third factor is related to expectations of products that includes regulate sugar in the body, to increase energy, improve the absorption of vitamins A and stabilize the vision process. While the fourth factor is related to preventing koresterol complementary products, to regulate metabolism and maintain digestive and fifth factors are related to potential product that includes a cover capable of preventing diabetes. The main product of factors, including variable body endurance, prevents amenia and cleans the blood is the biggest factor considered by consumers to Pepino fruit.
Some suggestions are proposed in this study is expected to introduce the company to further the presence of Pepino fruit products to consumers so that the benefits of the products can be more widely known to the public or the consumer and then expected the company to innovate on products Pepino fruit.


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