Watchfulness kind that chosen belong descriptive watchfulness (descriptive research), where is researcher in data collecting by using interview and documentation with watchfulness title that is: ?analisis extension of credit procedure in bank perkreditan people arta mertoyudan magelang?
From this watchfulness analyzes extension of credit procedure in bank perkreditan people arta mertoyudan magelang. watchfulness benefit especially for side bpr that is can be made as information source and reference for bank side in decision making and credit wisdom so that bank can improve the effort especially in the case of customer credit canalization based on system and procedure that appointed.
In this watchfulness is method that is used descriptive method. descriptive watchfulness watchfulness that analyzes data and clasify, quest with interview technique or interview. in this watchfulness is researcher will analyze datas about extension of credit procedure.
Based on watchfulness result and discussion that done so can be pulled conclusion that extension of credit procedure in bank perkreditan people arta mertoyudan magelang done as according to true procedure and customer candidate can menyeleksi pursuant to that appointed and can avoid the happening of stopped credit that is done by customer. the mentioned mengeranakan during bank side does a extension of credit procedure begins terms since customer request up to liquefaction a credit that given. as to sequence or stages in course of extension of credit, begin from credit request, effort data collecting and guarantee overview, credit analysis, arrangement proposal credit, completion data collecting, credit cordage and guarantee cordage, loan administration or credit, and facilities opening stage or fund liquefaction. hit time that used as a whole bank side perkreditan people arta mertoyudan magelang want time during eight (8) days begins from livelihood process needs time during eight (8) days.
Suggestion for supposed bank side does supervision towards employees in each part so that duties and authority each part related to extension of credit process ambulatory as according to procedure that appointed. supposed do analysis towards customer candidate by applying concept base perkreditan truely. bank perkreditan people arta mertoyudan magelang supposed to be more increase and watch over good connection with society especially customer and debtor so that can to develop effort that done.


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