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This experiment has the objectives to found out the communication
implementation, to found out about employee?s performance rate and to
found out whether ways of communicating has significant effect to
employee?s performance in Mojopanggung Plant, Tulungagung.
Data used in this experiment is primary data consist of data about
communication among employees and between employee with its supervisor
in Mojopanggung sugar plant Tulungagung which are message or
information, media use in communicating, feedback, communication form,
working quality, working quantity and punctuality while secondary data
consist of number of employee, production data, marketing, selling and
working hours. Those data is analyzed by using scale range and simple linear
regression analysis.
The calculation result reveal that based on scale range calculation,
communication in Mojopanggung sugar plant in Tulungagung is sufficient
and it has been showed with communicator ability in changing attitude,
giving opinion, changing behavior, message?s clarity, message?s
characteristic, the correct use of communication media, ability and receiver?s
attitude in understanding message, and communication feedback. Employee?s
performance in production section in Mojopanggung sugar plant, Tulungagung has been considered to be high and it has been showed with working quantity reaching standard determined by the company, always intime for completing work and working quality is appropriate with quality standard determine by the company. Communication has significant effect to employee?s performance in Mojopanggung sugar plant Tulungagung and supported with regression calculation resulting regression coefficient for X = 0.244 and t test result = 9.030 which is greater value than t table in significant level of 5%, which valued 1.66. Based on conclusion above, suggestion to be made is employee?s performance has already high standard, so to maintain the performance it will be better to increase it into better performance and to always create conducive communication climate.


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Komunikasi, Kinerja Karyawan