Research which is have the character of case study that is checking case exist
in out for company later;then solving it with existing theory utilize to assist company
in solving a problem. this Research title is " Execution Of Strategy Product
Diversification Utilize Improving Volume Sale At Company Of Bread " Pearl of
Bakery" Pandaan". " Target of this research that is to know execution of strategy to
utilize to improve sale volume at Company Of Bread " Pearl of Bakery'' Pandaan.
Usefulness of research which wish to be reached specially to company that is
upon which worthwhile input to company and also head to apply wisdom to reach the
target of which is expected especially relate to to be diversified. Analyzer which is
used in this research that is by using analysis of SWOT, ETOP and of SAP.
Result of environmental analysis of eksternal can know by things becoming
opportunity of company that is covering situation of economics, in this case cover
degradation of inflation rate, earnings per capita society and growth of economics.
Governmental, existence of law of No. 9 year 1995. permission produce and permit
of Department Health. Demography, existence of the make-up of the amount of
technology and resident, that is existence of growth of technology. As for becoming
threat Company Of Bread " Pearl of Bakery" Pandaan that is company of a kind/
competitor in this case is same company yield bread product residing in region
District of Pandaan. Result of internal environmental analysis can know by things
becoming strength of company that is interconnected of product merk, product type
which on the market, conducted advertensi, sales promotion and used distribution
channel. While representing weakness of company that is hitting giving of discount /
internal variable and discount of company specially at pricing sell product do not
have influence or is neutral. Strategy alternative able to be conducted that is by
negating weakness of the intern so that earning more effective in exploiting
opportunity of market. The on course hence company expected to improve;repair to
the all kind of weakness had that is by doing sighting return price sell product and
policy of giving of discount or discout which have been specified by company.
Some suggestion able to be raised by that is expected by company pay
attention to hit policy of price or in this case in giving of price discount. Real step
able to be done that is by giving or discount of discout matching with company of a
kind so that consumer earn more interest product which on the market. Expected by
company to anticipate or face emulation that happened by using all kind of strength
had by company.



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