PDAM is the public corporation having duty to distribute clean water to the people, and PDAM Caruban Mejayan subdistrict Madiun regency is branch of PDAM. As a consequences of the public corporation, they should serve society (consumers) well.But in fact, consumers often disappointment to their service. There are many reasons why it?s occurred : a.the unevenness of clean water distribution, so consumers being complicated and difficult to get clean water; b. The dirty water; c. The increase of PAM?s rates d. The miscounting of water meter as human error. But the most important problem is difficulty getting clean water. Finally, society of Karangsemi village, Karangrejo village, Wungu subdistrict Madiun regency be forced to consume disturbed water from irrigation as the impact of that problem. The Hypotheses of this research are a.Those features creating problems on PDAM?s performance as an unsatisfied consumer; b.The implementation of Undang-Undang (UU) No. 8 tahun 1998 about Consumer Protection. The Method of this research uses juridical-sociological approach which data is gotten by questionnaire, interviews and documentations.The Sample of population are consumers, employee (including Mr. Mahadi as chief executive of public division, Mr. Agus Widodo as public relations and chief executife of transmission and distribution division in Madiun regency).
The result of this research provide insight about service that PDAM give for consumers especially in Mejayan subdistrict. There are many problems faced by citizen in Mejayan subdistrict like miscounting water meter, leakaging of pipeline, clogged drain, etc. The solution of that problem by coordinating and evaluating one times after reading a water meter, PDAM?s employee maintan and repair a pipeline or replace for new pipeline if the last one is damage and the last, PDAM have done coordinating with PLN due to electricity problem. According to the result, the conclusion of this research that consumers in Caruban received bad services from PDAM because there are many problems faced by consumers like counting water meter, leakaging of pipeline, clogged drain, etc.There are many efforts have been done by PDAM to solve that problems like coordinating and evaluating so society can enjoy all of PDAM?s services.


Keyword : Konsumen,Kerugian,Perlindungan Hukum.


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