PENGADAAN TANAH UNTUK KEPENTINGAN UMUM (Studi Kasus Pengadaan Tanah Untuk Pembangunan Sungai Sudetan di Desa Gogodeso Kecamatan Kanigoro Kabupaten Blitar)



Land levying for Sudetan river based on problem faced by two Electricity Producers in Blitar Residence, they were PLTA Wlingi Raya and PLTA Lodoyo. Each year, dam in both electricity producer always full with mud, so that it could inhibit the electricity production, especially if the Kelud Mountain exploded, mud from the mountain entered the dam. The problem statement of the writer was how the land levying for Sudetan River Development to overcome the Kelud Mountain disaster, and what problem existed in Land Levying. In this research, the writer used socio juridical method. To find data, there found two dataa source, they were secondary data which found by library study and primary data found from the field and interview. Data analysis technique was qualitative descriptive. Land levying activity for Sudetan river development was done in three phases. First phase was location stipulation, the second phase committee structuring. Both phases was fit with President Decision No.55/1993. The third phase was land levying by the committee. In the third phase, there was improper thing, there was no counseling to the people. Problem existed when land levying done, the people rejected the payment, improper land measurement, forcing the land owner and the people quest to build the street and irrigation couldn't be fulfilled. In every land levying there should be counseling to the people who owed the land. It aimed to give knowledge and understanding to the people about development project for public needs In land levying process, there should be an agreement with written evidence. So if there were problem by one party, it could be an authentic evidence with law power.


Keyword : Pengadaan Tamah, Tahap, Penyuluhan


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Pengadaan Tamah; Tahap; Penyuluhan; umm