Maltreatment case which was done by a football supporter to the referee, it is a phenomenon which was often happened in football competition in Indonesia. In this case hitting case done by Aremania supporter to referee, Jajad Sudrajat, on the first day of eight big phase of league of Djarum Indonesia ( LDI) 2007 that went on Brawijaya stadium, Kediri between Persiwa Wamena Vs Arema Malang have to desist at minute of 71 moment of Persiwa lead 2-1. The action of Aremania that triggered by the supporter who was disappointed because three goals of their lovely team were cancelled.
This Research took statement of the problems as: 1 factor that occurs of maltreatment by supporter to referee in football competition? 2. How is the maltreatment modus done by supporter to referee in football competition? 3. Does deed which is done by Aremania supporter to referee categorized in a criminal? 4. How is law effort done by police and PSSI to maltreatment of supporter to referee in football competition?
This research use method approach of sociological juridical: to collect the data, it used interview with the sample of population of all Aremania supporter and also used direct observation to the research location in PSSI East Java and POLRESTA Kediri as a place of primary data. Then the result of the data of the research analyzed by descriptive qualitative.
From result of research of the field, it was gotten some notes concerning factor cause of Aremania supporter who did maltreatment to the referee, one of the factors is caused by unsatisfied of Aremania supporter to captain of referee which had cancelled three goals of Arema, while second problems of maltreatment is one of the Aremania supporter enter to the arena of football to abuse AW I (Assistant Referee of I). After few minutes the competition run well, riot return happened, this matter is caused by one of the supporter Aremania beat AW II (Assistant Referee of II) till laid at the end of one's rope by using his hand, furthermore nee of the field sector happened combustion that happened in field. by the Aremania doing to AW I and of AW II, seen from our law, it is clear that this is represent crime that is imposed by Section Maltreatment 351 but in this case, the Police cannot process of their criminal from the law side, because in the rule of football, if it is happen riot in the stadion hence using the rule of football for processing it because in the football there were Commission Discipline (Komdis) rightful claimant to bring to justice or sanction. Hence from the fourth case about the effort of law from the police side, is only protect and give permit of execution of football competition and from the Police side here more toward prevention from early on while the law effort of PSSI is Commission Discipline side of (Komdis) do justice of the riot and Komdis decide to punish Arema supporter and also Captain of Singo edan by giving penalization prohibit Arema supporter to enter stadium in all Indonesia for two years and from Arema it is fine of Rp.25 millions to PSSI Center and for the Captain of Arema Alex Pulalo, it is sanctioned by suspension may not follow for twice competition and fine of Rp.25 millions. 


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