The object and the problem in this research were how the protection procedure to the witness and victim in household violence crime? How the effectiveness of witness and victim protection in household violence crime? What the problems faced by the protection to witness and victim? What efforts which were done to reveal the problems? The method used were socio-juridical, that was research discussed about Rule No.13/2006 about witness and victim protection and the other related rule. Witness and victim of household violence crime was somebody who felt, saw, and suffer in physical and psychological because of the action which was done by the other where the action was violence or threaten in household scope. Protection to the witness was important since the victim condition was not good. It could be seen from the moment when the victim report the crime, many of them still shocked and hurt, so that they were difficult to give explanation. Beside, the witness and victim position was important in crime investigation. According to the research which was done in Police Office of Malang, there could be concluded that in application, law protection to the witness and victim was not run well/ineffective. It caused by several inhibition factors. The inhibitions were: lack of fund by Police Office, there was no safety house for witness and victim, un-optimal the Center of Service, un-optimal task management in Police Office, lack of members owed by the Police Office, especially PPA unit.The efforts which was done by the Police Office in revealing the inhibitions were: if the victims poor, the police office paid the cost, the Police office also coordinate with the City Municipal of Malang to give fund for witness and victim protection. The Police Office tried hard to present the safety house by coordinating related elements, the Police Office also coordinating with The Center of Service elements so that the Center of Service could run again. For the unoptimal task management, the unit couldn?t do further since the existed members have been busy with their job so that the protection couldn?t be done. The lack of members made the Unit had requested more members.


Keyword : Perlindungan, Saksi, Korban

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Perlindungan; Saksi; Korban; umm