Research object and the statement of problem in this research was how the press function according to role No.40/1999 about Press? How the Press role and its application in building law awareness in society? What problems faced by press in building people's law awareness?
Method used was socio-juridical which was the research done to the existing case in society which aimed to find facts, then continued with problems, at last into identification of problems and came into problem solving. According to the research done at Radar Malang Office, there could be concluded that press could apply or fulfill their role in building people?s law awareness. But, in order to get optimum result, press needs help or participation from the other parties like law officer and society. Efforts which was done by the press in order to built law awareness were various. But, the efforts should be balanced with the Law Officer?s role. Besides, in order to create loyal people, also to fix the law officer?s image which was so bad and untrustful, the other parties and press, people would aware the law and reduce the law violation. The problems faced were hard news source, anger news source because of the news written, news source didn?t want to spell their name, terror and threat, complaint and objection to the news writing or name adulteration, also presents consisted of envelope to the journalist. To overcome the problems, the conclusion also various, those were searching another responsible source if the main source was rejected or hard to explain, presents evidences if the source rejected the news or presented several witnesses to prove that the source had told the things. The other explanation were by speaking with the source, giving a nice explanation about the news.


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