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Along with bloom it world so society alive need more bloom and many, so boot rarely everyone allows all manner in fulfill every the alive need. So boot rarely we meet a lot of crime modus in life everyday not with the exception of at unlucky city. Diverse this crime modus is influenced by situation and condition from executants in do faked report doing an injustice. In this watchfulness is author copes to detect to how efforts that done policeman in faked report doing an injustice investigation, along with obstacles in it. From this watchfulness result is author finds efforts that done by Polresta unlucky in the effort faked report doing an injustice investigation: 1. Investigation on screen of crime
2. Collect explanation from witness and suspect While obstacle in faked report doing an injustice investigation: 1. faked report doing an injustice investigation consumes long time: In defendant faked report doing an injustice handling, can not be processed when only rely on explanation/acknowledgement from be suspected, and when does case concerned with faked report doing an injustice not yet revealed or proved. 2. difficult verification the difficult case be proved in investigation because actually this case there is no so that investigator must sharper and patient in every proof goods collecting.
the mentioned above related to paragraph 184 KUHAP where mentioned acknowledgement suspected not belong as a means of proof valid.
Tackling from obstacle: 1.Intensify every report or inputs from everyone about everything related to faked report doing an injustice problem 2.Vigilance enhanced new crime modus existence.
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