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In globalization era, that is increasingly modern cause?s economic growth and development of commerce increasingly fast. One of them is commerce of equipment of transportation namely the many motor vehicles imported merchant and in Indonesia. This vehicle commerce business hardly to the advantage of investor playing at in this business, in execution of commerce using transportation media to
earn is just happened things/risks/event undesirable dicey by the owner of vehicles. Dicey event of that is for example vehicle theft, vehicle damage caused by accident, fire, natural disaster (earthquake, floods, mount erupts, tsunami), riot and others. One of way done by owner of motor vehicle to transfer all the risks is by the way of
transferring risk to party giving security and safety guarantee or compensatory to itself vehicle. In this case, the guarantor is the side of insurance. The many emulations of effort for insurance service giver the party?s insurance races give a real guarantee promises. Insurance product which now hardly enthused by the insurance service users be releasing the extension of guarantee to all risks which possibly will befall the vehicle. The famous product by the name of insurance All Risk, is insurance giving all risks to small risk (for example breakdown
mirror, destruction of body car and others) and risk that is weight (breakdown car because collision, or stolen by people) as well as responsibility to third party. Financial loss to vehicle experiencing accident, theft and responsibility to other party harmed by vehicle of itself is heavy burden for the owner, which might not be able to
be shouldered self. Therefore, now the insurance service users can choose insurance company thinking it precise to insure the vehicle.
Purpose of this research is to know about execution procedure of payment of insurance claim All Risk by underwriter to the insured in PT. Asuransi Jiwa Bersama Bumi Putera (AJB BP). Besides, to know protection of law what given to the insured if object insured with All Risk to experience evenemen, and law responsibility what
given by underwriter if object insured by All Risk to entangle third party. Research method applied is yuridist sociologies, that is explains facts obtained from result of research in field and or through documentation and bibliography study then for pulled conclusion.
Based on result of research is got result as follows. That execution of
execution of agreement of insurance All Risk to motor vehicle in PT. AJB BP divided to become three steps. Firstly is field officer from insurance visits client candidate and surveys vehicle which will be insured. Second, that is field officer offers product released by company and additional guarantees and liability insurance closing type. Third is accomplishment of condition of agreement where agreement of motor
vehicle insurance can happen after agreement between both parties that is underwriter and the insured. While replacement mechanism/payment insurance claims All Risk the side of insurance gives two options, that is payment of claim and rejection of
claim. Then from protection side of law to the insured and third party becoming victim which caused by object insured with All Risk. Firstly, protection of law given by underwriter to clause owner the insured All Risk hence protection to the insured is the absolute existence. Second is protection of law given by the side of insurance entangling third party, hence the side of PT. AJB BP will pay attention to authenticity
from policy applied and concordance in clause found on policy All Risk.
Result from this research expected is able to made input and consideration especially to the side of management of insurance that will release its newest product and the side of jelly the insured have to be more read content than the policy clause.


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