Tinjauan Yuridis Sosiologis Terhadap Faktor-faktor Pada Masyarakat Untuk Cenderung Melakukan Tindakan Suap Dan Upaya Penanggulangannya Dalam Kasus Tilang Pada Pelanggaran Lalu Lintas (Studi di Wilayah Hukum Polres Pamekasan)



Collision of traffic very often happened along the increasing of mobility consumer of street, deviation action collision of traffic in the form of bribing which is trespasser to officer of Traffic Police. Bribe to be conducted by persuading officer so that make peace although sometimes officer offering beforehand to make peace, bribe aim to so that case of collision can be finished in place and quickly without following procedure properly according to law and regulation.
This research take formula is problem of 1. Factors what pushing society try to bribe police government officer to case of traffic ticket (collision of traffic) ?, 2. How effort of police side as enforcer punish to overcome case bribe at case of traffic ticket to Police member and society ?. This research use method approach of sosiologis yuridis, technics of data collecting use the way of interview, and documentation. Technics research data analysis use descriptive method qualitative analyse that is, depicting and to analyse clearly the condition of field about collision of traffic and solution him by society, hereinafter concluded in a breakdown of by connecting obtained data with existing regulation and theory so that later obtained by conclusion of fact in field. Pursuant to obtained data from 50 responder there are 28 responder (56%) expressing have bribe at Traffic Police utilize peace in place. Bribe to be unreservedly (67,9%), and stealth (32,1%). Reason to bribe officer because of easy to (25%), quickly (71,4%), and is cheap (3,6%), majority is reason of bribe to Traffic Police because quickly compared to the solving of as according to legislation. The happening of deviation need the existence of tackling to create the straightening of traffic law. Bribe have been assumed fair something that by society, shown by it outspokenly although impinge law and regulation, bribed trespasser feel quicker finish its problem from at according to law and regulation. Overcoming this writer suggestion, socialization to increase society traffic sense of justice, coherent action to Traffic Police and proven trespasser conduct bribes, renewing the way of the solving of tilang become easy and quicker, [doing/conducting] infinitude transparency fine traffic ticket pursuant to decision of DILJAPOL.


Keyword : Suap, Pelanggaran, Lalu Lintas, Tilang


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Suap; Pelanggaran; Lalu Lintas; Tilang; umm